Security breach @ KIA

Travel details provided by passengers are supposed to be confidential and can only be accessed for security purposes, but it is has become a tool some Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) officers are using to prey on women using the Kotoka Internal Airport.

At the centre of this obvious security breach is one Isaac Dzihlornu, a GIS officer stationed at the Kotoka International Airport.

In his attempt to win a beautiful lady he was pursuing, Dzihlornu threw caution to the winds and went to the national data base to copy the travel details of the lady and handed it over to her.

Through this dubious tactic, Dzihlornu was able to win over the lady, only to turn round later to swindle her. Details of this aspect would be published tomorrow.

When The Chronicle contacted Isaac Dzihlornu on going to the national data base to copy the travel details of the lady, which is a serious security breach, he denied the story.

“I am a primary officer or junior officer when I embark and disembark. I don’t have access to the passengers’ information again,” he said.

He insisted that he knew nothing about the information, but the lady insisted that Dzihlornu did copy the details for her, and that she herself was shocked when the details, which were in Dzihlornu’s own handwriting was handed over to her.

When The Chronicle spoke to some lawyers over the issue, they said by this conduct, any criminal who is desirous in pursuing a traveler could secretly get that information from the GIS, which is very dangerous.

Source : The Chronicle

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