SDA and Muslims of Ghana’s move will bring religious harmony and peace in Ghana


Unlike some nations of some parts of the world including Africa where conflicts are raging through religious disagreements, Ghanaians have been enjoying peaceful coexistence in all their cities and towns.

This healthy situation is a result of good leadership and submissive membership of Muslims and Christians who are in majority in Ghana.

Throughout the years Muslims and Christians are seen living in the same communities’ work places, markets, barracks, without people telling them apart as people of different religious groups.

This situation is attributed largely to the preaching by leaders of Muslims and Christians to promote neighborliness as taught by prophets who came to the world to preach peace to mankind.

Our experience has shown that two religious groupings in Ghana the Seven Day Adventist Church and the Office of the National Chief Imam have move a step further in boosting the good relationship of Muslims and Christians in Ghana.

The SDA leadership led by its president Pastor Thomas Techie Ocran paid a courtesy call on the National Chief Imam during the last Ramadan fast month to donate food items and other valuable to him for his followers.

The leaders of SDA commended the national chief imam sheikh Osman Nuhu Sharubutu for his modest leadership which led to Muslims in Ghana moving on quite well with other religious adherents.

The National Chief Imam also praised the leaders and members of SDA in Ghana for the kind gesture saying that their effort would surely influence their followers to continue their healthy relations with all Ghanaians.

The healthy encounter by the SDA and the national chief imam has been published widely throughout the world.

This resulted in the whole world getting to know about the land mark feat by the SDA and Muslims in Ghana through online publications.

A member of Australian branch of SDA also sent an email commending the SDA and Muslims in Ghana working to promote peace in Ghana.

It is my belief that Muslims and Christians in all parts of the world would learn from Ghana’s experience to learn to live in peace with one another.

This way the operations of religious groups in West Africa, North Africa and Middle East would either come to an end for good sense to prevail.


Source: Alhaji Alhasan Abdulai