Salvation Presby Church Goes Traditional

The pride of African is basically the various beautiful cultural ceremonies and apparels that are exhibited on the continent and exposed to the world.

African clothing is the traditional clothing worn by the people of Africa to exhibit the rich culture of the continent.

Ghana has a beautiful way of projecting her culture and prides herself in the beauty of the nation’s distinct traditions.

The Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Salvation Congregation, New Achimota,Mile 7 in Accra on Sunday, August 8 went traditional with Africa wear as part of their year-long 40th Anniversary celebration activities, and congregants displayed beautiful colors to project the culture of each region.

According to the 40th Anniversary Organising Committee, the programme was geared at making our various traditional wears prominent in our daily lives and extended to the church.

Congregants dressed in their various ethnic apparels as they shrugged off the normal foreign clothing during church service.

The 40th Anniversary programmes and acitivities continue till the end of year.

People in Ghana take pride in how they dress in general, but for church too sometimes it’s exceptional.

There is often a gender and generational divide in clothing in Ghana.

The older generation tends to wear more traditional clothes, while the younger generation tends to wear the universal costume of youth: jeans and a t-shirt, lacoste or shirt.

Women tend to wear more traditional clothing than men.

However, especially as compared to other parts of the world, many people in Ghana take pride in continuing to wear their traditional clothing, even with the influx of Western styles.

The traditional cloth associated with Ghana is called the Kente.

Kente is made by the Akan people. It is a mix of cotton and silk and is worn for special occasions.

To church women tend to wear long dresses, long skirt and a short or long sleeved top, often in bright colors and bold patterns. Women often wear head wraps that match or complement their outfit.

Men often wear a long smock over pants. These long smocks or tunics might be striped or feature some traditional symbols. It is especially worn by men in the north of Ghana.

The ever popular plastic sandal is the most common shoe, though dress shoes are worn for business and sneakers are seen as well.

People traveling to Ghana should remember that it can get very hot there. Women should know that many women keep their thighs and midriffs covered.

Tank tops are generally okay, but make sure you are fully covered if you don’t want a lot of extra attention


Source: peacefmonline