Royal couple renew vows on 30th wedding anniversary


Apostle General Rev Sam Korankye Ankrah and Premiere Lady, Rev Rita Korankye Ankrah, the first couple of Royalhouse Chapel International, yesterday renewed their wedding vows to mark their 30th anniversary in marriage.

The Royal couple, as they have come to be known, adorned in beautiful green apparel and joined by their family and friends, walked down the aisle of the Royalhouse Chapel International, Ahenfie, where they were led by Apostle Janie Ngwee, Bishop of Conquerors Through Christ Ministries, South Africa, to renew their vows.

Apostle General Korankye Ankrah, beginning the renewal of oath, pledged to stay committed to the promise he made to his wife, Mrs Korankye Ankrah, 30 years ago.

“I stand before God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and these great witnesses that the vows I renewed I’m still standing where I stood before, I have not changed my mind and I don’t intend to change my mind, I will marry you to the end,” he said.

Mrs Korankye Ankrah, looking into the eyes of her husband in response to the vow, said she is still committed to the promise she made to her husband 30 years ago to support, love and respect him.

“I promise with all my heart that I will continue what I have been doing to bring this marriage where God has destined for us. I will continue to love you, I will continue to honour you, I will continue to submit to you and I will continue to respect you,” she said amidst applause from the congregation.

Apostle Ngwale then led the couple to exchange their rings, which is a symbol of their covenant to each other, after which he exalted the crowd that had gathered to share in the joy of the celebrants.

“Husbands loving their wives as Christ loved the church and wives submitting to their husbands are the cornerstone of a successful marriage,” he said

Apostle Ngwale said 30 years signifies a time of maturity and confirmation that one is of age to affect and transform the lives of others.

“Thirty is a very critical number and I am saying your marriage has gone through tests and trials and you have upheld the principles and that today God can entrust your marriage that it should go and teach continents,” he said.

Bishop Dag Heward Mills and his beautiful wife, Rev Adelaide Heward Mills, of Lighthouse Chapel International graced the occasion together with other great men and women of God who had come to witness the goodness of God in the lives of His servants.

Bishop Mills shared his joy in joining the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the couple he has known for more than 30 years.

“Apostle General and the Premiere Lady, I want to say your marriage is a great example,” he added.

Reading from Psalm 112 v1-3, Bishop Dag Heward Mills attributed the blessings of the couple to their fear of the Lord and delight in His commandments.

He encouraged the church to remain loyal to the vision of Royalhouse because there are great things God has in store for the church.

Mrs Heward Mills, on her part, praised God for His grace upon the lives of the couple.

“I know that it was grace that has brought you this far and I want to encourage you that God who has been with you will be with you for the rest of your days.

Thank you for your lives and what you have done for this great vision in Accra and for being a tree that many has come over the years to come and make their nest in may the Lord strengthen your hands and may the years ahead be better,” she said.


Source: Daily Guide