Road tolling to be automated to eliminate pilfering

jklGovernment is considering automating tolling on the country’s roads to eliminate human contact and thereby reduce stealing at the tollbooths.

Joseph Ebo Hutton, the National Chairman of the Association of Road Contractors revealed this on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show Monday.

He was justifying calls for an increase in the road tolls which he said are simply too low to raise the needed funds to maintain the country’s roads.

Mr. Hutton conceded that some 9million Ghana cedis has not been accounted for by the Road Fund since 2010.

A major contributor to the Road Fund is road tolls but some 9 million collected in 2010 could not be accounted for.

Mr. Hutton, who is a member of the Road Fund Management Board said he wasn’t on the board when private companies tasked with collecting the road tolls, failed to account for the 9million cedis.

He, however, assured efforts are being made to retrieve the money.

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