Review Bimbilla curfew ahead of assembly elections – Residents

bio-600x330Aspiring assembly members in Bimbilla in the Northern Region are worried the curfew imposed on the town will affect the assembly elections in the area.

Residents of Bimbilla have been observing a 4pm to 6am curfew after recent clashes left about a dozen people dead in the area.

Some aspiring Assembly Members told Citi News the district level elections will witness low voter turnout because of the curfew.Some of them said, “most of our people will not come because they have a lot of work to do on their farms so they would not be able to complete their days work.”

Another, lamented that the electoral officers would have a tough time because they would have to transfer the ballot boxes to Bimbilla at which time the curfew hours would be in force.

“This area by 4pm, you will not see anybody in the town, everybody will run to their homes so it’s a big factor for us. The people are complaining about the time factor and they are even been telling us that the assembly election is not important because if it was the general election, the curfew would have been reviewed or they would have communicated something very vital about this election with regards to the curfew.”

“People will not come out to vote because if they get you during the curfew hours, the consequences will be that they may send you to court and you would be remanded in Police custody,” another aspiring assembly member noted.

The district assembly election is scheduled for September 1, 2015