REVEALED: How Kwabena Agyapong allegedly received car from John Mahama

Details have emerged from the meeting between the disciplinary committee of the NPP and Mr Kwabena Agyei Agyapong about how he allegedly received a car from a company owned by John Dramani Mahama.

Although the car was registered in 2014, Mr Agyapong indicated at the meeting that he was “still negotiating [the price] with the company”. This appears to lend credence to suspicion of some NPP followers that the suspended general secretary may have been compromised.  Read the excerpt of the minutes below:

1.6 Suspected Compromise  

The General Secretary Kwabena Agyapong must come clean to purge himself from the allegation that he has been given a vehicle from the NDC/Mahama.

Note:  The ex-General Secretary of the NDC, Dr, Josiah Aryeh, was accused of having received a “gift” of only US $1,000.00 from Mr. Stephen Ntim, ex-First Deputy Chairman of the NPP and was asked to resign by the committee set up NDC to look into the matter. Similarly, the then Deputy General Secretary of the NDC, Kofi Adams was suspended upon mere suspicion of his relationship with some elements within the NPP – a sign of a serious political party.  It has been alleged that our General Secretary Mr. Kwabena Agyapong has been dashed/ given a vehicle worth between USD $80,000.00 to 10,000.00  by NDC/ President Mahama, which he has denial on Kwesi Pratt’s show Hot issues on TV3.

However, documents sighted by us show the following,

  1. Vehicle Reg. No. GM 615-14
  2. Chassis No. JTMHVO912E4128711
  6. Address P.O Box 19941, Accra North

Our covert information reveals that Seth Stephen Fiati gave the vehicle to Mr. Kwabena Agyapong and it is alleged that he, Fiati was introduced to Kwabena Agyapong by one Mr. Tommy Amametekpor. It is again alleged that the said Stelin Automative Company belongs to Mr. John Dramani Mahama. We therefore request NEC to set committee to investigate the issues raised and act on it.

KAA….. I have many cars and very capable to buy any other car. I have the document about the car which am ready submit it to the committee.  Read the content

Dr. Addo Kuffuor…. Kwabena can you give the document you are reading….

KAA…..i will! I have paid for the car

Dr. Addo Kuffuor…. Yes but I want to read the document myself

KAA….ok!   handed it  to Dr. Addo Kuffuor

Dr. Addo Kuffuor…but Kwabena these are not official documents….they are not stamped and it is very difficult for me to accept this as official….

KAA…. Well if you doubt the authenticity of the documents… I can take you to the company to verify….i bought the car myself. There is letterhead of the company…

Dr. Addo Kuffuor…oh please! I can get letterhead from anywhere…..i have worked in many organizations and letterhead alone cannot mean as official or genuine. If these are official documents, then it must be stamped else I cannot accept it….anybody can get letterhead through backdoor.

Rev. Asante Antwi…… the car is registered in your wife’s name?

KAA…..yes! all cars are registered in my wife name because I don’t want my family members to worry her when I am dead.

Rev. Asanti Antwi….. hmmmm I see. You are wise and good husband.

Prof. Oquaye….and how much is the car GS?

KAA…. I am still negotiating with the company.

Prof. Oquaye…and you have paid all these huge amount according to yourself without reaching the exact amount of the car? Do you do any other job apart from your position as the General Secretary? Do you see the legal implication of all these huge amounts you’re quoting?

KAA….i saved money when I was the press secretary to ex-president Kuffuor…

Chris …Mr. we are making this urge appeal to your committee to instigate further as to the basis of which our GS is driving the said car.

His Wife’s scholarship

Chris….Kwabena Agyapong’s wife is currently believed to be on Ghana government scholarship. She is a resident student, studying at Leicester University in the United Kingdom. We strongly suspect that this offer of scholarship to Mrs Lawrentia Agyapong is part of a package of agreements with the ruling NDC, to suborn and compromise Kwabena Agyapong’s loyalty to the NPP, whiles in his position as General Secretary of the NPP.  Mrs Agyapong, in association, and with the oblique authority of her husband, has the guts to spew scorn at the NPP flag bearer, and to the displeasure of her hearers, right in the presence of Kwabena Agyapong, who says nothing. This incident happened at a gathering with NPP Manchester Chapter executives, when the General Secretary recently came to the UK for the Conservative Party conference.

I have tendered in the documents regards to the scholarship …

KAA… wife is a lecturer at GIJ and she got the scholarship from the institution even before I became the secretary so I don’t see why I should be questioned on that! read again the documents of the scholarship. Even GIJ did not pay the first year….i have been paying  from my pocket …it is only this semester that I have wrote to them for this year’s fee because I am drained off. 

Hon. Kussi….and have you heard of her insults on Nana Addo in Manchester?

KAA…is not true….Manchester party has even denied the story…

Hon. Kussi…. And where is their denial statement?

Chris ….. Mr. Chairman, our GS is nursing evil and bad plan against the flag bearer based on his statement on joy Fm. He doesn’t respect him ….

KAA…oh how? That I cannot accept it!

Chris ……. Listen to this audio…..played

KAA…. This is my personal private conversation with … is not intended to be played on radio….it is unethical….these are all calculated attempt to get me…

Chris…well that’s even makes it to dangerous…if you have such an opinion about the party and the flag bearer in secret then….that is even why you should be suspended so you cannot harm the party any longer….in my little sociology, the real person is what he does in secret. If in secret you can say such a thing about the party’s flag bearer then what can’t you do to sabotage our chances of winning 2016?

Chris….Mr. Chairman, our GS do not respect other organs of the party. He unilaterally cancelled the Sunyani East election without any formal petition. He swore affidavits against the party when even the Electoral officer in charge of the election was defending the party when the matter was sent to court. Mr. Chairman, because of GS’s personal interest in the Sunyani East election, he intentionally assigned his lawyers to stand in for the party without making reference to the constitutional and legal affairs committee of the party….this his action again caused the party in bad name before the public.

Minutes: Kwabena Agyapong at Disciplinary Committee Meeting

MINUTES with details of what transpired at the Disciplinary Committee Meeting.

Credit: Story by GCP based on minutes sourced from 


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