REVEALED: Anas video on judicial corruption is the most expensive of all his works

Investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas’ video on judicial corruption is the most expensive of all his works, a spokesperson for Private Investigative (PI) firm, Tigereye has revealed.

The spokesperson who prefers to remain anonymous said on Adom FM’s Midday News Tuesday that the cost incurred by the ace investigative journalist in the work is all geared towards ridding the country of corruption.

“Anas has done several works for various groups and firms including Al Jazeera and in Tanzania and elsewhere, but this is the most expensive of all his works…,” he said.

The spokesperson could not however tell the exact amount of money Anas spent to expose the judicial corruption.

The investigative journalist’s latest piece on Judicial corruption has become a subject of several controversies in the country following protests by judges captured in the video going to court to halt its premiering.

Lawyers for the judges argue that screening the video would dent the integrity of the judicial service while insisting Anas lured the judges into accepting bribes only to be captured on tape.

One of the indicted judges, Justice Paul Uuter Dery subsequently filed a suit to stop the premiering of the video at the Accra International Conference Centre.

The suit was against the Director of Estates and General Services at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Chief Director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Manager of the Accra International Conference Centre and the Attorney General.

The case was however struck out on Tuesday after lawyers of Dery withdrew the case since they could not serve Anas Aremeyaw Anas with the writ.

The decision of the court, the spokesperson for Tigereye said was welcome news adding further that all is set for the premiering of the video at 16:00 and 20:00 GMT on Tuesday.

The spokesperson who said he could not confirm whether Anas would be at the premiering today also revealed that the Investigative Journalist is motivated by the desire to rid the system of bad people.

“His aim is helping Ghana move on, free from corruption…he always push whatever he gains from one investigation into another…,” he said.