Respect our Tamale decision

nppAs officers and members of the NPP, we are deeply concerned about the current developments that has characterized our party. It is sad that, all our efforts over the years are being drained away. However, as frontline soldiers of our party, the time has come for us to demand a leadership that will promote peace, genuine unity and bring everyone on board for the important agenda of capturing political power in 2016.

We have therefore resolved as follows:

1. Our party was built on the foundations of rule of law, democracy, the rights and dignity of the individual. All our efforts and engagements as a party must be a reflection of these sacred tenets given to us by our forebears and should guide us in all our activities.

2. We therefore condemn the overthrow of our party constitution by the very people who are to uphold it to the letter. We strongly hold that our party constitution should be restored and due process followed in the activities of the party at all levels.

3. The supposed suspension of our duly elected and mandated National Chairman was ill-timed, disastrous and destructive towards the victory 2016 agenda. We demand an immediate recission of the erroneous decision to suspend Mr. Paul Afoko as the constitutionally elected National Chairman of our party and must be allowed to discharge his duties fully as prescribed by the constitution of our party.

4. We also condemn the attacks on party members and its officers, especially on some of our National Officers by the invisible forces, so called. The seizure of our party headquarters by thugs who claim to protect the party facility, but, rather beat up and threaten some party members and officials must be resoundingly condemned. We call for the immediate disbandment and withdrawal of such persons from any party facility in order to protect the image and dignity of our party.

5. We call on the leadership and members of our party to respect the verdict of the delegates in Tamale. We believe in the tactical team we put in place in Tamale, and we are confident that they will secure the much awaited victory in 2016.

6. We are calling on Former President Kufour, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo, Paul Afoko, Kwabena Agyepong, All steering Committee members and former National Chairmen and General Secretaries, to immediately convene a meeting, and design a road map for party reconciliation and cohesion to ensure victory in 2016.


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