Relationship red flags that most people completely ignore


Doubts about your relationship? Don’t be love-blind. Here are the 17 relationship red flags that you need to look for and not ignore.

Love is blind, they say. When we’re in a new relationship, we tend to overlook some big *neon* signs that really help you see who your partner is. And if they are a good fit for you. Should you be looking at relationship red flags?

After a relationship ends, we always think about the red flags we saw but completely ignored. Did he hate your friends? Never met your parents? Did she manipulate to get her way?

The 9 relationship red flags to watch for

If you’re in a new relationship and are having some doubts about it, then it’s probably for a good reason. But what are the red flags? Good question. We have you covered. These 17 relationships red flags are the ones you need to look for and not ignore.

#1 They accuse you of cheating. Maybe they saw a picture on Facebook of you and a friend of the opposite gender and got a little jealous. However, when someone accuses you of cheating on them, especially when they have no evidence, it may just be projecting their actions onto you.

Usually those who are extremely defensive are so because they have done it themselves. Their accusations might be manifestations of their guilt and paranoia of you finding out the truth.

#2 They never apologize. You may not think this is a big deal, but this is a major relationship red flag. The inability to apologize essentially shows they do not take any responsibility and ownership for their actions.

Every fight will be your fault. Anything that goes bad, will be because of you. It’s not worth it, arguing with them is like running in a circle. Best thing to do is stay far away from people like this.

#3 Possessiveness. It’s cute when they text you asking you where you are. And then after the fifth text, it starts getting a little too much. If they’re constantly asking what you’re doing, who you’re with—this is a red flag, especially early into the relationship.

This behavior only becomes worse, and may result in them prohibiting you from seeing certain friends and family members.

#4 They have few or no friends. There’s a reason why people don’t have any friends. If they’re shy and have a very close circle of friends, that’s different. If the only people they socialize with is their grandma and uncle, this is a clear sign something is wrong with their socialization skills. This could mean they’re highly codependent or unable to form healthy relationships.

#5 You’re their first relationship. Unless you’re 18, this is not a good thing. Especially if all their relationships in the past were friends-with-benefits or one-night-stands. Short term relationships are fine. However, if that’s the only thing they can handle, they have some commitment issues to tend to.

#6 All their exes are “crazy.” Yeah, alright, sure. Every one of them are nuts. If all their exes were described as “crazy” then you know who the “crazy” one is—they’re sitting right across from you. So… run.

#7 They’re disrespectful to their parents. There’s an old saying, “How a man treats his mother is how he will treat his wife.” This applies to both genders and is absolutely true. Meet the parents.

You’ll be able to see how their relationship is and whether there is mutual respect within the family. If they don’t treat their own parents nicely, you’re not special. They’re not going to treat you nicely either.

#8 They use guilt as a weapon. If this is the only way they can get you to do something, then run. If you stay in this relationship, you will age fifty years in a very short period.

#9 They cheated on their last relationship with you. Okay, not everyone who cheats will always be a cheater—everybody has their reasons. But, if you’re the one they cheated with, most likely, you will be cheated on and this is one of those relationship red flags you just can’t shove under the carpet.

This behavior shows they have never actually been alone and had time to process any breakup. Moving from relationship to relationship without going through the breakup aftermath is not a good sign.


Source: Lovepanky