Regional Chief Imam calls for ban on public Islamic preaching


Ashanti Regional Chief Imam, Sheik Abdul Mumin Harun, is asking the Regional Security Council to act on his recommendation calling for a ban on public Islamic preaching in the Kumasi metropolis.

This follows the clash yesterday which resulted in vandalism and injuries at Aboabo Number 2 where there has a heightened police presence since Thursday evening.

Followers of two Islamic sects, the Tijaniyya and the Al-Sunna clashed on Thursday, May 19.

Sheik Harun tells Luv News the recommendation was contained in a letter he sent to the various security heads before the incident happened which failed to receive the required attention.

“We sent the Regional Commander, District Commander of the Kumasi Zongo Police Station and the Regional Army Commander, letters and what I stated in the letter was for them to stand up and stop the preaching,” Sheik Harun said.

Concerns have been raised by residents on the content of Islam public preachings by some clerics in the metropolis for some time now.

Sheik Harun told David Akuetteh, host of Luv Fm’s Burning Issues, that he has received several complaints about the insults and fanaticism in the public messages delivered by some Muslim clerics when they mount the podium to preach.

He, therefore, wants the Islamic public preaching to be banned with immediate effect as the country gets closer to the election period to forestall preaching against political opponents to incite their followers.



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