Regina with lyrics by Atumpan ft. Samini

INTRO (Atumpan & Samini)

Dadadadadada, yaga yoooi
AnyeeeeeeI, dadadadadadaaa
Bam bili wooo

CHORUS (Atumpan)

Regina Regina
My sweet, pretty thing Regina
Sexy Regina
Me nko me dofo Regina
Regina, Regina
My sweet, pretty thing Regina
Sexy Regina
Me nko me dofo Regina

The feeling real
And your something dey bee
Shordy Imma make you be my wife
You are the sweetest thing and the wickedest thing
Ever happened to me in my life

(Repeat Refrain 2x)

VERSE 1 (Atumpan)
Imma stick with you coz I no be womanizer
Make me stronger my energizer
Can’t eat without you my apitizer
U make me perfect my organizer

Love you Regina the feeling is right
And your something is tight
Nicest girl mi ever get ina mi life
Che che he check out the height
Body shape fine and your skin tone is light
Can’t take my eyes from the sight
Baby Girl I wanna have you by my side
Imma love you up to night


People are you ready
Hardboy music gonna rock you steady

People are you ready
Highgrade Music is gonna make you steady

VERSE 2 ( Samini)
Hey hey Atumpna stop
I beg make I understand this
Is it Regina wey we meet for Frankies
The one wey dey live for Yankey
Who tell you say ibi you alone dey love that fine thing
Regina Regina,she put shivers down mi spinal
Forget the rest she ah mi final
Wo ba new city where mi find her
God no just create I’m desinger her
From top to toe suicidal
Killer body no get rival
She go be Michelle ina mi white house

VERSE 3 (Atumpan)
Only she I trust
She is cool and she no dey rush
She know i love her so much
The way she back it up
Break it down make the booty clap
On the dance floor she ain’t gonna stop
Like she have no spine
When she bubble to the baseline
All i do is watch her waistline
She blows my mind
When she start to wiggle and wind
I’m proud that she is mine


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