Reddit launches official iOS and Android apps


Remember when, in October 2014, Reddit bought the unofficial Reddit mobile app Alien Blue? Even though the app was quickly relaunched, that was the first step towards Reddit launching its own official apps.

That moment has finally arrived. On Thursday, the official Reddit apps landed on Android and iOS (iPhone only).

The new apps are replacing the Alien Blue app, which will be removed from the app stores, but it should remain available for users who already have it installed.

The rollout is gradual, meaning the new apps are not yet available in all countries.

Those who have gotten used to Alien Blue will find the new app to be very different: Much simpler, with some features missing (swipe gestures and casual subreddit lists among them), but likely easier to use, especially if you’re a Reddit beginner.

Features include threaded comments, a detailed history of your messages, comments, post replies and comments of your posts, as well as support for themes.

“The first phase of the product development for us has been just getting the foundational things in place. The core pieces of Reddit functionality that users expect,” Reddit’s Mobile Product Manager Ashley Higgins said in a promo video (above). “As we move throughout the year and beyond, the expectation is that the app will get bigger and better with every single step,” she said.

The news comes just a day after Reddit launched a new feature making it easier for users todeal with harassment and bullying.

You can get Reddit for iOS here. The Android version is here.


Source: Mashable


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