Reactions to the state of the nation address

Opposition political parties have deflated president John Mahama’s buoyant description of the state of the nation.

In a not too complimentary but expected reaction, the representatives from the New Patriotic Party, (NPP) Progressive Peoples Party (PPP) and the Convention People’s Party (CPP) reduced John Mahama’s seemingly glorious evidence based state of the Nation to nothing more than drama, half truths and a rehash of old unfulfilled promises.

The president in his last state of the nation address to Parliament, at least for the first term, chronicled a number of achievements his government has chalked in 2015.

The president officially announced the end to the four-year-old load shedding policy which grounded businesses, triggered many layoffs and made life completely unbearable for Ghanaians.

He touted what he said is the “fastest mobilization of emergency power in the history of Ghana” as one of the many measures put in place to resolve the crisis.

In the educational sector the president reiterated his promise to build ten universities in each region, adding, the 200 community Day Schools being built will create 200,000 new places in the SHS system.

The president also touched on the health sector, economy, infrastructural development  and mentioned names  of individual Ghanaians who had benefitted from a number of government interventions.

The Majority MPs cheered the president during the presentation whilst the Minority members jeered and swore at him.

Hours after the president’s presentation three political party representatives in unison told Joy News Editor Dzifa Bampoh the president’s presentation could not have been a true representation of the state of the nation.

The General Secretary of the Progressive People’s Party Murtala Mohammed accused the president of dramatizing his minimal achievements.

“You cannot pick one or two people and say Ghana is okay. I think it is a drama,” he said.

The New Patriotic Party’s Deputy Communications Director Anthony Karbo says there was nothing new about the president’s presentation.

He accused the president of being fixated on infrastructure development. “What else will government be doing if it doesn’t build infrastructure?” he asked.

Anthony Karbo mocked at the president’s record in fighting corruption. The president had said in the state of the nation address that his government’s commitment to fighting corruption has led to the exposure of many corrupt activities some of which are being prosecuted.

He mentioned the National Service fraud which was uncovered by officials of National Security as one of the  success stories in fighting corruption.

But Anthony Karbo is not impressed. He cited the infamous Woyome as well as the SADA corruption scandals both which cost the country over 250 million cedis.

He said none of the officials involved in the SADA scandal has been prosecuted.

He also accused the government of inflating the cost of projects, saying the entire cost of all the projects chronicled in the government’s green book amounted to $7 billion  but the  total amount of money borrowed by the government is around %37 billion . Where did the rest of the money go? he asked.

Atik Mohammed of the CPP also berated the president’s state of the nation address.

He wondered how the Tumu road featured in the president’s list of achievement saying, only two weeks ago he used the road and it was in such a bad state.

He applauded the president for completing the Gushegu-Yendi but said the president did not provide any credible information about the true state of the economy.

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