Prophet proposes religious ministry to coordinate activities of churches


The Spiritual Leader of the Prophets and Spiritual Churches Council, Prophet Nakoa Nazareth Ansah Jamson has made a clarion call on churches to stand up against division creeping into Christendom.

He deplored the current situation where pastors are afraid to comment on national issues lest a fellow pastor is used by whose ox is being gored to attack their person and not the issue.

Nakoa Jamson raised this concern when a delegation from the Prophets and Spiritual Churches Council of Ghana called on the General Secretary of the Christian Council Rev. Dr. Kwabena Opuni-Frimpong on Tuesday.

The visitation was in line with an ongoing peace tour by the prophets, visiting some prominent men of God and statesmen who have committed their resources and toiled tirelessly to promote peace in Ghana.

The tour has already taken them to various places including the office of the Chief Imam and the National Media Commission.

The respective heads of the institutions were also honoured for their leadership role. Nakoa Jamson proposed that, for the sake of unity, a ministry for religious affairs should be created to oversee activities of churches and bring unity among the various churches in Ghana.

He also encouraged the Christian Council to work hard to unite the churches and their leadership.

He is convinced with a united front, they would be a powerful force to reckon with devoid of political influence.

“The churches always pray for the president, ministers of state, parliamentarians, security agencies, judiciary and several others, so if these people, especially the president is on the wrong course, with a united front we should be able to give the necessary advice,” he said.

He also called for peace before, during and after the 2016 presidential and parliamentary elections “As we all know, this year is an election year and as Christ followers once worked to reduce tension and prospects of violence in our country, I would like to plead with everyone in this country that this time we should not limit it to ourselves but also build and promote the peace we have to other neighbouring countries.”

General Secretary of the Christian Council Rev. Dr. kwabena Opuni-Frimpong concurred with Nakoa Jamson on the need for a Minister for Religion just as it is in Niger.

He also called for proper relationship between churches and politicians, noting that it is time politicians listened to churches and vice versa for nation building.

“We should not consider church leaders and politicians as enemy,” he cautioned.

Whilst advising those contesting in the upcoming elections to accept the outcome of the election, Rev Opuni-Frimpong, Charged the Christian community to support whoever that would be elected as Ghana’s president.


Source: 3News