Renowned Professor: “Yes Mahama created 800,000 jobs BUT he COLLAPSED 1,000,000”

A renowned Professor has given explanations to show how John Mahama created 800,000 jobs over the last three years. Professor Tutu Gyagu (Prof TG) said this in a brief interview with a freelance journalist, Agyenim Boateng (AB) at the sidelines of the ongoing macroeconomics conference at Nkwantanso. The brief interview has been reproduced below (unedited):

AB: Please tell our readers briefly about your expertise.

Prof TG: I am a renowned professor at Amansan University. I specialise in various aspects of economics but people know me more for my ability to analyse propaganda macroeconomics.

AB: OK great. Thanks for making the time.
Prof TG: My pleasure.

AB: OK so please tell us, what do you make of the 800k jobs created by President Mahama over the last 3 years?
Prof TG: It is true that the President has created 800k jobs. The President has worked quite hard. And in propaganda economics, 1 real number is equal to 16 prop numbers and a 2 real number is equal to 64 prop numbers in that order.


A prop number = (ax4) ^2, where a is the real number

AB: If I understand you correctly, the government has given us the propaganda number so we have to use the formula to derive the real number?
Prof TG: Exactly the point. You need to reverse the formula as follows:

1 Real Number = b (4^-2), where b is the prop number.

AB: Ok so please work out the real number for 800k prop jobs then.
Prof TG: That’s simple. It is 800,000(4^-2) = 50,000 real jobs.

AB: Oh I see. That means the government created 50,000 real jobs and that is equivalent to 800,000 propaganda jobs?
Prof TG: That is correct. Ghanaians failed to ask the government for further explanations as to whether they were referring to real numbers or prop numbers.
Do you recall in 2011 Samuel Okudjeto Ablakwa announced that government had created 1.6m jobs?

AB: Yes I do. Was that a prop number or a real number?
Prof TG: It was the prop number which works out to be 100,000 real jobs. You see, around that time [2011], real GDP growth was about 8% but under John Mahama it has reduced to about 4%.

It therefore makes sense that less jobs were created in 3 years to Dec 2015 compared to the period from 2009 to 2011.

AB: Thanks so much. That’s very insightful.
Prof TG: Always a pleasure. Do you want another insight regarding the jobs created?

AB: Yes please! The readers may be interested too.
Prof TG: For every real job created by the John Mahama government, 2 real jobs were lost.

AB: What do you mean Prof?
Prof TG: I mean although the government created 50,000 real jobs, 100,000 jobs were lost over the same period. The net real jobs created is therefore -50,000. That implies that overall; John Mahama destroyed more jobs than he created.

This occurred because of several factors such as (i) incompetent leadership (ii) corruption (iii) depreciation of the cedi (iv) high inflation, (v) dumsor etc.

AB: Wow! I guess we have to make time for a detailed discussion on this. Unfortunately I am out of time but thank you so much for the analysis Professor Tutu Gyagu.
Prof TG: Thanks for having me too.

Author’s note: Professor Tutu Gyagu is a fictional character and not real person. And Amansan University too does not exist.

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