Prof. Martey is Ghana’s Donald Trump – Former Presby PRO


A former Public Relations Officer of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Emmanuel Osei Acheampong has described the outgoing Moderator of the Church, Rt. Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Martey as the Donald Trump of Ghana.

He further described the man of God who’s seen as a controversial figure by a section of the public as a disaster to the Christian community in the country.

Rt Rev. Prof Emmanuel Martey who is very outspoken has been trending in the various media platforms after he claimed at a Press conference on Tuesday, that some unnamed politicians tried bribing him with $100,000 and further promised him a mansion at Trassaco and a four wheel drive to gag him, which he declined.

The Man of God who’s is known to be critical of the Mahama- led Adminstration told the gathering that nobody including politicians can gag him not even through bribes as he’s incorruptible.

“Listen, politicians have tried all means to muzzle me but they can’t. Politicians came to my house with bribes, fat envelopes… $100,000. And also with the promises that if you keep quiet we’ll give you a house at Trassaco with swimming pool and four wheel drive. These people were lucky that I did not have big dogs in my house, else I would have released the dogs to bite them for the whole world to ask Papa Moderator why are you so cruel and I will tell them, ask them what they came to do.

He added:”You know what, they have tried all means to muzzle me but they couldn’t and they can’t. You know, what I will speak today, and speak tomorrow. You know the tax I pay, when my pay slip comes and I see the tax I pay, I get worried, but at the same time I say praise be to God because it’s going to build our Nation. Then when my tax goes, you babies with sharp teethes steal the money and you don’t want us to talk? We will talk today and talk tomorrow. I pay tax but some of them don’t pay tax. Even the petrol allowance that is given me I pay tax on each gallon.”

But hours later, a former Public Relations Officer of the Church, Emmanuel Osei Acheampong who fell out with the Moderator and was later sacked discountered the claims of Rt. Rev. Prof. Martey, claiming the latter actually took the offer from the said politician.

Speaking on Anopa Kasapa on Kasapa FM, Wednesday, Host Fiifi Banson asked Mr Acheampong to described who Prof. Martey is, having worked with him previously, responded saying the latter’s character is undeserving of a Man of God and a leader of a revered church as the Presbyterian Church of Ghana.

“Simply put I will describe him as the Donald Trump of Ghana, and also a disaster to the Christian community in Ghana. His utterances, his divisionist tendencies…he has no Christian values. I must confess, I was one of the people that campaigned for him because at the time we thought a lot of people didn’t like him. He hid behind the name of deliverance and so people thought he was upright. All what he added to the church upon assuming his position is division, autocracy and politicization of the church, I don’t see any positive thing he brought on board.”

But the current Public Relations Officer of the church, Rev. George Larbi in an interview with Fiifi Banson rubbished the claims by Mr Osei Acheampong describing him as an embittered person who has set out to destroy the reputation of the Moderator.

He said Rt. Rev. Prof Martey is a principled leader who has left a huge legacy for the Presbyterian church in his six years of heading the church.


Source: kasapafmonline