PROCEED with ‘Dumsor vigil’ – La chiefs

Yvonne Nelson

Chiefs of the La Traditional Council have given the organizers of the #Dumsormuststop vigil the green light to hold the planned procession.

The Ga Traditional Council has called for the postponement of the vigil following a ban on drumming and noising making ahead of the Homowo festival.

The Council earlier petitioned the Greater Accra Police Command to put the vigil on hold until the ban is lifted.

But speaking on Eyewitness News on Monday, Nii Yemo Obroni VII who is the La Kpa Wolumo, insisted that the  venue for the #dumsormuststop vigil  is not situated in the Ga Traditional Area.

He argued that though the ban on drumming and noise making is in full force within the Ga Tradtional Area, that of La will begin later in June.

He said: “The place where they are going to do the demonstration is not part of Ga Mashie land. La people will stop drumming in July so as at now, when you are in the La land, you can drum and make merry.” “We want the entire Ga people to understand this, that there are different dates for Ga Mashie, different date for Osu, different date for La, different date for Tema,” stated Nii Yemo.

Meanwhile, The Accra Regional Police Command will meet the organizers of the vigil on Tuesday and representatives from the Ga Traditional Council to finalize the matter. The vigil which is to be held on May 16 is aimed at putting pressure on the government to find solutions to the power crisis which is affecting businesses and households.