Prison Service Warns Officers Against Politicking


Ghana Prison Service has cautioned its men and women in uniform to stay off any form of political activities in the build up to the December, 2016 polls.

Officers have been reminded of the Service exclusive allegiance to the state which debars them from engaging in partisan politics.

A circular signed by the Director in charge of Operations, SKB Rabbles, states: “It is improper for any officer to engage in activities that have political connotations, whether within or outside official duty and that which is likely to implicate that person in some political controversy.”

The circular also made references to sections 16(d) of Prison Service Act, 1972 of NRCD, and Regulation 6 of the Service Regulations, 2016 (CI.93) on staff discipline, which enjoin prison staff to refrain from such activities.”

It continued, “Officers should give no cause to be disciplined by consciously or unconsciously going against the dictates of this circular,” the statement warned.

In an interview with Chief Public Relations Officer of the Ghana Prison Service, DSP Vitalis Aiyeh, on the circular, he noted, “it has been the practice of the Service to always remind officers to stay within the ambit of the regulations governing the Service,” adding that, “this is to ensure that officers are focused on the core business of maintaining security, and nothing else during the period.”


Source: Today