Prices of foodstuff continue to decline days to Xmas

Dried foods, GhanaPrices of some foodstuff continue to drop as the yuletide approaches.

At the end of the third week in December, Tomato recorded the highest drop in price by 12 percent, to close the week at 8cedis 90 pesewas per ‘medium size tomato tin”.This was followed by Soyabean and Yam which dropped by 6 percent each to close the week at 5 cedis 80 pesewas per olunka and 3 cedis 90 pesewas per medium size tuber respectively.

Cowpea, Groundnut, Maize and Millet followed with a percentage point loss each.

Prices for other commodities however remained the same.

The price of tomato declined between 6 and 22 percent on the Techiman, Takoradi, Accra and Dambai markets. Maize also declined by 13 percent in Dambai.

Tomato however gained in the Bawku and Kumasi markets.


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