President hasn’t ordered us to increase tariffs – PURC insists

nana-yaa-gyantuah-purc-proThe Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) says it has not received any official directive from the President ordering them to increase utility tariffs.

The Managing Director of WAPco, Walter Perez at a press conference on Wednesday, indicated that President Mahama through Cabinet has directed the PURC to increase tariffs to help offset about $80 million debt owed by the Volta River Authority (VRA).

“It’s a tough decision for the President to make because ultimately it will mean that the consumer will have to pay more for power,… If he is not able to do that and the country is not able to do that then things really will fall apart,” he said.However responding to his comments however, the Communication Director of the PURC, Nana Yaa Jantuah on Eyewitness News vehemently denied that the President had asked the Commission to  increase tariffs.

She stated that it will impossible for the President to order the Commission to increase tariffs because “PURC is an independent regulative body, it has been set up by an act of Parliament and not subject to the control or directive of any organization.”

“The President has not written to us. I don’t think the President will even give us orders to increase tariffs,” she added.

PURC working to satisfy consumers

Many have argued that the continuous increment in utility tariffs, is as a result of the huge debt government owes the various utility companies.

Nana Yaa Jantuah revealed that the PURC has been taking measures to address the problem, saying “if we are pressing government we will not come and tell everybody that we are increasing tariffs. This is  the work that we are doing and that is why everbody is mixing it up with increases of tarrifs and all that.”


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