Presby University bans indecent dressing

A-section-of-the-fresh-students-at-the-matriculation-1-620x330The Presbyterian University College, Ghana (PUCG) has barred indecent dressing by students and staff of the University.

This was announced by the President of PUCG, Rev. Professor Emmanuel Adow Obeng at the 2015 Matriculation held at the Asante Akyem (Agogo) Campus of the University on 14th November, 2015.

The President said the dress code of the University simply requires staff and students of the University to dress professionally.

Detailing the dress code of the University, Rev. Professor Emmanuel Adow Obeng stated that the men are to avoid observe personal hygiene and dress decently to lectures.

The women are also required to dress professionally and avoid provocative dressing that reveal too much cleavage; wearing too much jewelry; extreme and wild hairstyles, loud lipstick and nail vanish.

They are also to avoid piercing and tattooing of visible parts of their bodies, use of flip-flops to lectures and official functions; be clean and prevent body odor.

The President posited that the dress culture inculcate in the students the University’s core values to ensure efficiency, effectiveness and decency among students stating that the University cannot allow students to waste the time and resources of their parents.


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