PPP’ll run for 2016 prez polls


The Progressive People’s Party (PPP) has said it is not pulling out of the 2016 presidential election contrary to rumours to that effect.

“All talk and rumours to this effect are false and without any basis. The PPP in the national interest made a decision several weeks ago to explore a coalition arrangement with prominent individuals and political parties to contest the 2016 elections and form a partnership in government on January 2017,” the party said in a statement signed by National Secretary Murtala Mohammed.

“Our stated deadline for this remains the end of this month, February. Some political parties and their supporters have interpreted our coalition stance as a sign of weakness, a decision not to field a presidential candidate, a willingness to help some party to win the 2016 election.

“There are even people going around and asking our men not to bother campaigning for the party because we are coming together with them. We want to state emphatically that these are all not true and a wicked propaganda.

“The PPP has prepared its strategy for the 2016 campaign; we have opened and closed nomination for the presidential race; we are electing strong parliamentary candidates; we have put in place a high powered national parliamentary campaign team led by the National Secretary; we will convene a National Convention to present our Presidential Candidate and Campaign Team; and we aim to cause the biggest political upset in Ghanaian history this year.

 PPP is united, disciplined and focused on selling our good message to Ghanaians. We have the best policy priorities to present to the voters. We have assembled the best men and women who will give the best leadership to Ghanaians from January 2017. We are the only party committed to changing the 1992 constitution to empower the people to elect their own DCEs, separate the executive from the legislature and separate the office of Attorney General from that of the Ministry of Justice. We are the only political party focusing on job creation and determined to make all Ghanaian state institutions buy from local businesses,” it said.

Source: ClassFMonline.com

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