PPP pulling massive crowds


The past months saw the Progressive People’s Party (PPP), led by its flag bearer, Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom, touring the various constituencies in the country.

One of the predominant characteristics that was missing in the party’s bid in the 2012. However, this time round election was the support level in almost every constituency visited, he was met with a massive crowd of enthusiastic youth.

If crowd is anything to go by, then the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the New Patriotic Party (NPP) have a big problem at hand because the PPP is attracting similar crowds.

In most of the regions visited, the regional executives of the PPP seem to have done a good work going by the visibility level of the party on the ground. Apart from the usual billboards of Dr Nduom scattered in the entire place, the ordinary people appeared to have bought into the PPP’s idea of change.

In the eyes of these ordinary people, there is nothing more important to them than for their businesses to prosper and their children to have jobs. This is where the PPP comes into the picture.

The job agenda

Dr Nduom’s message throughout his campaign tour had centred on job creation. In every district he visited, he noted that his government would make job creation its topmost priority.

This message seems to be getting the attention of the youthin particular, since most of them are sitting at home jobless.

Dr Nduom uses the fact that he has established over 60 businesses nationwide to give hope to the people.

One of the events that seems to work for Dr Nduom is the fact that in each of the districts he visited, there was a branch of his bank, GN Bank, to show as evidence of his passion for creating jobs.

He usually tells the people that they should look at his track record of the jobs he has created and believe in his capacity to deliver more when elected as the President of Ghana.

A lot of the youth, especially those in the Central, Upper East, Upper West and Northern regions, have bought into Dr Nduom’s idea of job creation.

“All we need is to get a job. We do not need the government or political parties to give us money,” Mohammed Issah, a youth leader in Bolgatanga, told this reporter.

Impact of EC battle

One of the events that has made the PPP visible, next to the NDC and NPP, is the party’s electoral battle with the Electoral Commission (EC).


Source: GraphicOnline