Pokello Is An Exceptional Mother – Elikem


Former Big Brother contestant and Ghanaian fashion designer Elikem Kumordzie, The Tailor, has described his wife Pokello as an exceptional mother.

Big Brother Africa The Chase representatives Pokello Nare and Elikem Kumordzie, who traditionally got married in June 2015, welcomed their first child named Tristan a couple of months ago.

The couple met and fell in love in Season 8 of Big Brother Africa reality show in 2013. Speaking exclusively to 3news.com, the renowned fashion designer described his wife as an exceptional and outstanding mother.

“She’s doing an amazing job as a mother and I appreciate her and her efforts and ability to take care of a boy the way she is.”

He described her as an outstanding mother, who will go out of her way for Tristan, considering the fact that she sometimes does not have any sleep at night.

“Pokello is just different with her child and as we all know, mothers don’t have sleepless nights when they have babies but Pokello is just different with her child and wouldn’t leave Tristan with anybody at anytime and just go and go.

“She is there every single day and for me it’s very exceptional. I have seen other mothers who would want to cut certain corners when it comes to their babies but this mother is different”.

Being a father

Elikem also talked about his experience as a fresh father.

“You wake up knowing you are responsible fully enough for another human being who is made of your seed and blood and what he has to eat and what he has to grow up into is all your responsibility. “You are just not the same old bachelor or single guy or non-father you used to be before because everywhere you go, everything you do and everything you say is a bit more different because if someone else is going to grow up and look up to you then you need to be a hero to a child


Source: 3news