PNC To Focus On National Issues — Mornah


The National Chairman of the  People’s National Convention (PNC), Mr Bernard Mornah, has paid a courtesy call on the Editor of the Daily Graphic, Mr Ransford Tetteh, as part of a working visit since he assumed the chairmanship of his party.

Until he became the chairman of the PNC last year, Mr Mornah was its General Secretary.

During his interaction with the Editor, Mr Mornah assured Ghanaians that the PNC and its presidential candidate would speak to key and cogent  issues confronting the nation.

He said the aim was to set the electorate thinking about which political party was engaged in a  good debate and had the best platform to move the nation forward.

He said there were more issues such as corruption that could set Ghanaian voters thinking instead of the focus on personal issues.

Good debate

He was  of the view that Ghanaians would discern which political party was ready to improve  the well-being of the people. Mr Mornah stressed that the electorate would, therefore, be in a position to vote for the party that was offering the best  policies and programmes.

He urged voters to reject those engaged in personality attacks as well as blowing of hot air which could destabilise the nation.


Mr  Tetteh  assured him of the preparedness of the Daily Graphic to offer its  platform to all registered political parties to articulate their views and  policies.

He explained that what the electorate expected of political parties was to address their basic needs of food, clothing and shelter.

Mr Tetteh said political parties should focus on the basic needs of the people at the same time that they put in place strategies  to fix the economy and bridge the infrastructure gap.

Informed choices

The Daily Graphic, he said, would therefore give equal opportunity to all political parties to make their views known to the electorate  to enable them to make informed choices at the polls.

He said the Constitution had mandated the state-owned media to offer equal coverage to all registered political parties and their presidential candidates.

The Daily Graphic, Mr Tetteh said, was mindful of the mandate to assist in deepening democratic governance in the country by providing equal opportunity and coverage to parties without any favour and  biases.

The Editor, therefore, urged political parties not to hesitate to call the attention of the paper to any omissions, since  “a pathfinder sometimes  requires the guidance of all stakeholders”.


Source: Daily Graphic

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