PNC moves to stop members from joining Ayariga’s ‘new party’

hassan-ayariga-620x330The People’s National Convention (PNC) is calling on its members who have allegedly been lured into signing documents for the formation of a new political party, to write to the Electoral Commission (EC) to cancel the process.

The party says it has picked up information that its former presidential candidate, Hassan Ayariga, is luring PNC members into endorsing forms for a new party he is spearheading.

The General Secretary of the PNC, Atik Mohammed, told Citi News some party members have already signed the forms.He is thus calling on the members who appended their signatures unwillingly to take immediate steps to renounce it.

“Some expressed concern that they had been deceived or tricked into signing some documents so we asked that all those who did that should immediately write to the Electoral Commission to renounce whatever signatures”

Hassan Ayariga announced his decision to break away from the party after he was defeated in the party’s congress last month.

He claimed he was unfairly treated at the congress that saw his defeat.

He was beaten by Dr. Edward Mahama, a 70-year old man who returned to the race after  leading the party from 1996 to 2008.

Mr. Ayariga lost with 426 votes as Dr. Edward Mahama polled 492.

Mr. Ayariga performance in the 2012 elections was criticised and he was blamed as the PNC polled  just 0.22% of the total votes.


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