PNC Congress: Disqualify Bernard Mornah – Aspirant demands

bernard-mornah1-488x330One of the persons contesting for the chairmanship slot of the People’s National Convention (PNC) want’s another aspirant, Bernard Mornah disqualified from the race.

David Apasera argues that Bernard Mornah, who is the current General Secretary of the PNC, should not be allowed to contest because he did not complete the filing process that is required by the party.

The PNC will hold its National Delegates’ Congress on December 11, 2015, where the party will elect new executives ahead of the 2016 elections.Mr. Apasera has accused Bernard Mornah of  issuing a bounced cheque while paying his filing fees.

According to David Apasera, the fact that Mornah’s cheque bounced is enough reason for him to be disqualified.

“If Mornah paid with a cheque and the cheque has bounced, there is no reason why such a person would hold out himself as a candidate. I think it is highly fair, and fairness must go with the rule of law,” he said in an interview with Citi News.

He also said that “There is no reason why somebody must be above the law. Any party that allows discrimination, that because one holds a particular position one is exempted from the rules that govern that party. I think the party would be doing itself a disservice. This is not a question of being fair, it is about allowing the rule of law to prevail.”


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