Photos: 5 Things That Went Wrong At The 2014 4Syte Music Video Awards

4 Syte

Just like we all know, events in Ghana keep getting better, every year we see the difference as compared to previous years. Even though there are still flaws, we can proudly say, things are getting better.

Except for Ghana, most award shows worldwide always end on a good note but in Ghana, there always seems to be some bias or usually undeserving winners emerging. The award shows themselves are usually met with lots of criticism and controversy with accusing finger pointed at organizers.

This year’s 4Syte Music Video Awards wasn’t bad as compared to previous years but here are 5 things which happened that weren’t on point.

1.Twerking Girls (Crazy Dance Section)

We still don’t understand why those childish acts are still entertained on big shows like that. It wasn’t appropriate and it dragged the show. It was a little bit childish for us.

2.Influential Artiste Award

We thought 4Syte was centered on music videos, if so why the “most influential artiste”? We think the name should just change or at least cancel that award. It just doesn’t make sense.

3.No criteria or reason why the awards are given

For instance, most popular video should explain at least why the video is popular, for instance, YouTube views, number of times it was aired/requested on their station or just anything that explains why a particular award is given.

This is typical of all award shows in Ghana, they just give awards out without reasons or some sort of explanation.

4.Playing foreign music at the show

The aim of all these shows is to celebrate Ghanaian music and for one night to cherish our very own music. That being said, we have over a million songs in Ghana, from old school to new school and what baffles us is, during these awards shows, instead of playing Ghanaian music, the DJ’s decide to play Hip Hop tunes and we don’t get the idea behind it. This happens at all Ghana music themed events. Is that even right?

5.Lifetime Achievement Award

Of course, Apostle Kwadwo Sarfo Kantanka deserves an award but not a 4Syte TV award, come on, why is it that Ghanaians know how to do the right things at the wrong time.

source : omgghana