Permanent Court To Be Established In Nsawam Prisons—Chief Justice Drops Hint

prisonThe Chief Justice Georgina Theodora Wood has hinted that the Judiciary is to establish a permanent Court in the Nsawam Maximum Prisons.

This she noted is to support the justice for all programme and to help give justice to prisons on remand who constitute about 700 at the Nsawam Prisons. She added that the court when set up will also look at cases on appeal and give room for inmates who felt justice was not served for them to have justice.

Delivering her address after visiting and inspecting the Prisons with the President, the Chief justice introduces two judges who were present during the visit, adding that they will be the ones to handle the court. The court when established will comprise of a High Court, Circuit and District Magistrate judges who will deal with all cases to help ensure decongestion in the Prisons.

On answering a question posed to her by the National leader of the prison on whether she can reduce the sentencing meted out to inmates’, the Chief Justice noted that “I do not have that power to intervene in the number of sentencing awarded by judges but that is the prerogative of the President.To avoid this, my outfit last year launched the sentencing guidelines withsupport from the British Embassy to serve as a guide to justices for sentencing”.

Her Ladyship advised other judges that they should try and visit the prisons at increased intervals to acquaint themselves with situations in there, adding that for her it is a constitutional mandate. She announced that she the “justice for all programme” establish some few months ago has yielded evidential proof, in that some inmates on remand have been freed, but there is still more to be done to help.

Mrs. Georgina Wood further cautioned those granted amnesty to take care of themselves not to return to the Prisons again. She also tasked them to ensure that Ghana benefits from the knowledge and skills they had learnt or undertaken from the prisons.