67327_458216546968_3170574_nKaba is the Ghanaian term used for the top half of the common traditional attire the Kaba and Slit; which comprises of the long wrap skirt called the slit and the matching blouse the kaba. This customary garment is a very symbolic outfit as it strongly associated with our Ghanaian ladies especially our grandmothers.

The simplistic yet highly stylish look allows the wearer to exude this immense sense of pride and beauty.

An African equivalent of the western garment called peplums. Peplum is a short, gathered, slightly flared strip of fabric attached at the waist of a women’s blouse, skirt, jacket, or dress. You have probably have seen them in vogue, because is fun and an evolution of the Kaba and Slit.

Peplum is not only a fun fashion but it’s even more fun when a matching colour is created.

This is to say that the peplum attire and the kaba and slit are both of the same kind, but from different generations or to say the kaba inspires the peplum attires.

Story was inspired by an update by Miss Akosua Sakyiwaa Mensah.







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