Pentecost Church Delivers Prophet

941635197_352760The Founder and leader of The Redemption Pentecostal Church in Kasoa, Prophet Maxwell Mensah, has been delivered from occultism by The Church of Pentecost.

The Daily Heritage has gathered that the voodoo and the occultic charms have also been burnt by the leadership of The Pentecost Church.

The 28-year-old prophet has been using occultic powers to perform miracles in his church for several years and have been able to attract many unsuspecting Christian faithful to his church.

The delivered prophet was a devoted member of the European Town Assembly of The Church of Pentecost in the Kasoa Area, but parted with the church after being convinced that he has been gifted with healing powers and prophecy, hence, was ready to set up his own church.

“I effectively operated in the gifts of healing and working of miracles. People suffering from various forms of diseases received instant healing during my ministrations. Even the dead were also raised by the power of God,” he said.

Prophet Mensah added that the power to perform miracles triggered his decision to set his own church which eventually led him to cut ties with The Church of Pentecost.

The church set up by Prophet Mensah was called “The Redemption Pentecostal Church.” Still gifted with divine healing powers and deliverance, Prophet Mensah was still not satisfied, therefore, went to seek occultic powers to make him more powerful to embark on miracles in his church.

“My aunty introduced me to some occultic charms which comprised of a locally made stool and a red and white garment. I would wear the garment, sit on the stool and recite an incantation, after which I was empowered to see spiritual things, perform miracles and wonders,” he confessed.

He added that, he was still not content with the powers he had, therefore, consulted fetish priest and dwarfs for more charms to function, but later started witnessing negative effects of the spirits which resulted in psychological burden.

During a district’s prayer conference organized by the Kasoa Area of The Church of Pentecost led by Pastor Matthew Yao Gbeku, at European town Assembly, Prophet Mensah attended the Program with the hope of being delivered from the disturbances of the evil.

And as if Pastor Gbeku knew the problems of Prophet Mensah, he spoke indept on how Christians can remain faithful to God and not to seek strange “fires” in their ministries and Christian lives.

He was touched by the word of God, hence, surrendered all his occultic charms and voodoos to the church and offered them to be burnt to the glory of God after confessing chronologically to the Church.

He later requested to be delivered to enable him return to Christ as a prodigal son.

He was subsequently delivered during special prayers led by Pastor Gbeku .The voodoo powers and the occultic charms were subsequently set ablaze. Prophet Mensah has now reunited with The Church of Pentecost.


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