Peace Ambassador calls for political tolerance ahead of December 7


A Peace Ambassador, Chief Nat. Ebo Nsarko, is calling on all political actors and stakeholders in the electoral process of the country to be mindful of their actions and inactions that may trigger violence going into Wednesday, December 7 general polls.

He wants the political actors and the key institutions that will play a critical role in the polls to be tolerant in all their doings in order to sustain the democratic gains and the peace the country is enjoying.

He said recent politically motivated violence recorded in Odododiodoo, Asutifi North and South, Asewase and some other parts of the country should be enough proof of what is expected to come during the December 7 polls.

Mindful of the high stakes in the elections, Mr. Nsarko said this is the time political actors must demonstrate that they have the nation at heart.

In a statement signed and released in Accra, Sunday, December 4, 2016, the Peace Ambassador said political actors committing themselves to peace before, during and after the elections, is a good thing.

However, such will not inure to the benefit of Ghanaians if they fail to back their words with actions.

“On Thursday, December 1, 2016, all the political parties contesting in this year’s general elections committed themselves to peace before, during and after the polls before the National Peace Council, the International Community and various election observer groups. This is evidence enough to show that all the political parties have the nation, Ghana, at heart.”

“However, occasions like this, usually are mere showcase of pleasantries without any serious commitment, the interest of the political parties is what they follow other than the national interest.”

“If the very people they (political actors) seek to govern are no more, who are they going to govern with all the policies and programs outlined in their various manifestos?” he quizzed.

Commenting further, he said the role of the Electoral Commission (EC) of Ghana, a key state institution that is at the center of the polls, is as important as the political parties and must ensure that their neutrality is not compromised.

“It will not be a healthy development if the Electoral Commission is seen to compromise the credibility and integrity of the electoral process which may trigger electoral violence. The recent organization of the special voting lends credence to this claim. I believe that it is only free, fair and credible election that would be accepted by the citizens of Ghana. Anything apart from this may trigger violence and erode all the gains this country has made over the years,” he cautioned.

Mr. Nsarko also urged the media to be circumspect in their reportage and also play a neutral role in their scheme of things.

The Peace Ambassador has been playing a very critical role as far as the peace of the West African country is concerned.

Last year, he organized a football gala at the Accra Sports Stadium where all the political parties participated to demonstrate their commitment to the peace the country is enjoying


Source: kasapafmonline