Over 3,000 teachers to picket at Finance Ministry over salary arrears


Over three thousand teachers are expected to picket at the Ministry of Finance this week over the non- payment of their salary arrears.

According to the teachers, government has refused to pay them despite several agitations.

The teachers, who are members of a group calling itself unpaid teachers, say despite being cleared by the audit service for their salaries to be paid, the Finance Ministry has failed to release their monies.

“We were validated on the field. A team of auditors comprising GES and other organisations came on the field last year 2015, November December and we were assured that our report has been submitted to the Ministry of Finance and our checks confirmed that the report was submitted on the 30th March but as to now we have not heard anything from them again.”

Major concerns

The teachers are raising the following concerns:

1.They have worked for over 2 years without pay.

2. They have been cleared by the Audit Service by a process of VALIDATION to be paid but have not received their salaries.

3. All the teacher unions have abandoned them because they don’t pay dues to them.

School of Hygiene picket at Employment Ministry  Over 200 graduates of the School of Hygiene about a month ago also picketed at the premises of the Employment Ministry to demand postings.

The graduates say they had stayed at home jobless for nearly five years, adding that several pleas for them to be employed had proved futile.


Source: citifmonline.com

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