Osu ICGC medical outreach: BP patients cautioned against unorthodox medications

8714830274021_2217161590026A doctor with the West Africa Rescue Association is cautioning against the use indigenous medications to cure hypertension.

According to Dr Christopher Boafo Sarfo, about 98 per cent of hypertension cases have no cure and urged Ghanaians to adopt better lifestyle changes instead of listening to lies from people who claim to have antidote for hypertension.

“Majority of hypertension cases are without a cure. We can only control it.

“People tend not to accept the fact that they have a problem. They would rather live in denial. Some, will not take the drugs because of what they have heard about High blood pressure and about the drugs.

“…They would rather listen to [people with] other unorthodox medications like herbal medication and all that. People tell them lies that it can be cured but there is no cure,” he said.

He was speaking to Myjoyonline.com at the sidelines of a medical outreach programme organised by the Osu ICGC Restoration Temple as part of its 15th Anniversary celebration.

The Medical Outreach programme was patronised by a number of residents living in and around the Osu vicinity.

A number of cases reported were high blood pressure and body weakness especially from the adults and skin rashes  from the kids.

Dr Boafo Sarfo advised people to adopt healthy lifestyles such as constant exercises, healthy eating, avoid smoking in order to prevent high blood pressure.

He said those who already have the ailment can still adopt the “therapeutic lifestyle changes”  or visit a qualified doctor for the appropriate medication.

He said if a patient has side effect taking a particular drug, that patient can go back to the doctor for the medicine to be changed.

The Chairman of the Publicity Committee of the Anniversary Celebration Deacon Chris Tsegah said the church will “institutionalise” the medical outreach programme because it has a responsibility not only to ensure the spiritual wellbeing of the members and residents in Osu but also to cater for their physical needs.

The Anniversary celebration comes to an end on Sunday with a powerful anniversary service.

– See more at: http://www.myjoyonline.com/news/2015/October-11th/osu-icgc-medical-outreach-bp-patients-cautioned-against-unorthodox-medications.php#sthash.83Hz0fYW.dpuf

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