Names according to order of birth in Akan

Children is a sign of fruitfulness and it’s the joy of every parent to produce children. In the past, kids represented wealth. In the olden days, upon giving birth to the tenth child by a woman, a sheep was slained for the celebration. That particular sheep is called ‘Badu Gwan’ which means a sheep for the tenth.

Children means alot to Ghanaians and besides the names they have by virtue of their day of birth, the order of birth comes with particular names.

For instance, Three in Akan is pronouced miensa, and that is where we get the position name for third borns which is Mensa for males and Mansa for females.

Enjoy as you learn.

First PiesiePiesie
ThirdMensa Mansa
FourthAnane Anane
FifthAnum Anum
SeventhAson Nsowaa
NinthNkroma Nkromaa
TenthBadu Baduwaa
Last BornKaakyireKaakyire