Only the corrupt aren’t complaining about economic hardship – Konadu


The former first lady and the flagbearer of the National Democratic Party Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings said the only people that are not being hit by the economic hardship in Ghana are those pilfering from government coffers.

The former First Lady, who wondered why leaders cannot be truthful to their followers said Ghana is faced with economic hardship which makes life unbearable for most of its citizens.

“In God’s word, no is no and yes is yes; right is right and wrong is wrong! According to the church and the leaders of the church, it is God that gave us the leaders, why is it that these leaders cannot tell us yes when it is yes and no when it is no?” she queried.

Speaking at a mini rally to outdoor the party’s parliamentary nominee for Agortime-Ziope Constituency, Dr. David Sunu over the weekend, Nana Konadu said the only section of Ghanaians who not experiencing hardship in the country are those busily pilfering from government coffers.

“Everybody is suffering; churches are suffering, schools are suffering, hospitals are suffering, everything is suffering and all the people in Ghana are suffering except those who are stealing. If we were conscious, we will not steal what does not belong to us; we will not.

Because the thing is there for you to work for the people of Ghana to enjoy” she said Nana Konadu implored Ghanaians to vote out the ruling NDC whom she described as incompetent. On his part, the Parliamentary nominee Dr. David Sunu urged electorates in the area to vote him into parliament for real change and development.


Source: citifmonline