ONLY Northerners should vote for Mahama – Chief of Staff

At the launch of Majority Leader Alban Bagbin’s campaign in Nadowli in the Upper West Region on Saturday, 24 September, Mr Debrah (Chief of Staff) appealed to northerners not to disappoint their own brother in the December 7 polls.

“Now it’s the turn of President John Dramani Mahama, who is from the north and we are being told that we should let him stay only four years so that we can bring somebody. I don’t think this is fair,” Mr Debrah told the crowd of supporters, adding: “And, so, I’m using this occasion to urge you all to vote massively for your own brother.”

According to him, the last time a Northerner became President was some 35 years ago. As such, if they fail to vote for Mahama, it may probably take some 35 more years before Ghana gets another President of Northern descent. Northerners would therefore be doing themselves a disservice if they vote for someone other than their Northern ‘brother’.

Thus according to Mr Debrah’s logic, people of other tribes are not brothers to Mahama. They are therefore not obliged to vote for him. Will the results of Mr Debrah’s argument inure to the benefit of Mahama?

When you go to the hospital for medical attention, do you expect someone from your tribe to attend to you or you prefer the most competent practitioner to assist you? Do you want to be taught by only people from your tribe or you want the best teachers to teach you regardless of their tribe? Discerning Ghanaians will decide on Dec 7 based on factors other than tribe. The campaign team of President Mahama must therefore change their message.

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