One year on, Suweiba pursues ‘dead baby’

It’s been a year since 36 year old madam Suweiba gave birth at the Komfo Anokye Hospital and she is yet to know the whereabouts of the body of the baby officials say was stillborn.

She has neither received formal communication from the Ministry of Health on the outcome of investigations it conducted into the scandal nor from the police.

Suweiba and her family are unhappy she has been ignored. Mohammed Abdul Rahman, spokesperson of the family says feedback from the appropriate investigating authorities have not been forthcoming.

Mohammed said the family suspects foul play by the investigating bodies to thwart their efforts to get justice for some unknown reasons. He added that the Parliamentary Select Committee on Health that was tasked to investigate the matter has also failed to produce any results.

Madam Suweiba is very furious the matter has been deserted.

She however thanked her sympathizers and expressed disappointment in some leaders that pledged their support to her.

“The leaders have failed me. They feigned interest in helping me but they abandoned the case half way. If my baby died his body should be produced,” she insisted in an interview with JoyNews on Multi TV.

Suweiba’s case caused a national stir when doctors claimed her baby had died but failed to produce the body. The Health Ministry investigations indicted some hospital staff who were subsequently suspended at a time the family insisted the body of the baby must be produced dead or alive. Parliament also came in to find answers to the mystery but that never materialized.

But Suwieba has not given up yet, she insists the family will pursue the matter till the body of her alleged dead baby is produced.

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