Old men who chase after small girls dabble in “foolishness” – Otabil

Dr Mensa Otabil has said married old men who chase after small girls wallow in “foolishness.”

The General Overseer of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC), told his congregation on Sunday November 9, 2014 during the third series of his teaching on wisdom, that “big men” who behave like that are not only being “foolish”, but are also a “big joke”.

Advising church members about how money, fame and love can make people disdain wisdom, Dr Otabil used anecdotes to demonstrate how some highly placed married men in society allow themselves to be toyed with, by young girls, under the pretext of falling in love.

Below is the transcribed version of that bit of Dr Otabil’s Sunday November 9,2014 sermon:

Love is strange. It will make you disdain wisdom. People will give you all the advice [but] you won’t listen. Because if love or whatever it is doesn’t make us foolish, I mean what would make a man who is 60 years old, accumulated a lot of degrees in his life: be it BA, MA, PhD, become head, big time known, great, married, children, 60, at the twilight of his life when he should really contributing positively to life, at the height of his life goes to take a girlfriend who is 22 and the girlfriend tells him: ‘You are my sweetheart, I love you’, and the man can’t think: ‘Who’ll love this pot belly?’ I mean let’s face it, common sense will tell you: ‘This pot belly I have, nobody will love it’, and the girl tells you: ‘I don’t love you for your money’; you don’t love me for my money? What is there to love? My face is dropping, my stomach is dropping, you are 22, you don’t love me for your money? And the man somehow believes it.

He’s like a little baby, the girl is playing, toying with his mind: ‘Oh Mr so and so, I love you, oh when you smile, oh there’s none like you’, and a man grown with degrees can’t think. You are being made a fool of by a 22-year-old girl and you are moving courageously in foolishness.

Sometimes you see a man like that and he says: ‘This is the love of my life’. This is the love of your life? Are you crazy? Where is wisdom? It’s gone.

Because wisdom, when it’s disdained, oh my friend, you will make a public foolishness of yourself and confidently display your foolishness to the whole world and just feel very good.

Sometimes you go out, you know, you see a man, very big man and you see the girl and he’s hooked the girl, calling her sweetheart, I mean take a picture of yourself, take a picture of yourself. You are a joke. You are [a] joke to yourself, to your colleagues, to your children, everybody sees you as a big joke but you feel on top of the world because wisdom has taken flight long time ago.

source : starrfmonline.com