Ofori Amponsah is under spiritual attack – Lord Kenya

oforiAward-winning hip-life artiste turned Evangelist, Lord Kenya says he believes highlife singer turned pastor, Ofori Amponsah is under spiritual attack.

Lord Kenya’s comment comes in the wake of Ofori’s Amponsah’s surprising u-turn to highlife music just a couple of years after he told the whole world he had completely given up on music to serve God.

For the past week, Ofori, aka All4Real has been in the news explaining why he has decided to return to highlife music, which he described as “lies” at the time he abandoned it to start his own church.

Since his return to highlife, he has already released a single called “Alewa”, which featured the biggest guy in Ghana’s hip life music right now, Sarkodie.

He has left a lot of people in shock, including some pastors who believed in his calling then; and his friend Lord Kenya is one of those still in shock.

According to Kenya, Ofori Amponsah’s return to highlife shows lack of faithfulness to the spiritual calling on his life.

Lord Kenya recalled how he and Ofori has been on the same stage in the recent past, preaching the word of God and impacting people’s lives as partners in ministry.

“I never believed he was back to highlife but after hearing the song, I think something is wrong somewhere – my friend is under spiritual attack,” he noted.

Ofori has been trying to convince people he is still a pastor but he had difficulties quoting a single bible verse in a recent radio interview, but composing secular songs still seem to come very easily to him as reflected in his new “Alewa” song.

Lord Kenya said he expected Pastor Ofori Amponsah to have rather preached the word of God to Sarkodie instead of doing a new secular song with him.

“How can a faithful man of God sing such ungodly song and go back to the church room and preach?” Kenya asked.

Meanwhile, some Ghanaians have been asking if Mr. All4Real is really real because he told the world highlife is a lie, and that he had lost interest in secular music and there was nothing more for him to attain in music so that part of his life was over.

Ofori also said he was fulfilled in doing God’s work and saw himself going round the world preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.

So the big question on the minds of Ghanaians is why the turn away from what fulfills you and return to the lies?

source: myjoyonline.com

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