Offinsoman Education Fund gives hope to needy students

4185182440974_3798311859213A 15 year old porter who had given up on second-cycle education can now look forward to realizing his dream following intervention from the Offinsoman Education Fund.

Matthew took up the role of bread winner for his family at age 12 when his father abandoned four of them together with their mother.

He trekked to nearby Kokote each Sunday and, sometimes, after school on week days to work as a porter at the market.

He made maximum 15 cedis on each trip to pay his school fees and that of his three younger siblings.

His physically challenged mother did menial jobs in a palm oil extraction factory where she earns just enough to supplement what Mathew provides.

In fact, they lived at the factory because they cannot afford a decent alternative.

Nonetheless, Matthew worked hard to emerge the best student in his school, scoring Aggregate 9 in the Basic Education Certificate Examination.

Matthew who is determined to lead his family to overcome poverty pays tribute to Head teacher of his schools, Dominic Nketia, for his BECE success.

“I do not want my younger siblings to go through what I have gone through so I have promised myself to be the best among my colleagues to get a bright future,” he said.

Mr. Nketia says he considered it a social responsibility to provide accommodation and other basic needs in Mathew’s final year to enable him concentrate on academic work.

He describes the scholarship package as a timely and welcome respite to their worries about how to get Matthew into senior high school.

“My worry was how to get him into S.H.S but this scholarship has come in to help and I am very grateful,” he added.

Matthew’s plight is not different from that of Kwame Obi Nti who lost his father at infancy as his mother developed mental problem after their loss.

He lives under the watch of his uncle who will not be able to help him through Senior High School due to financial constraint.

“This scholarship can help me secure my future, I gave up on going to S.H.S when my uncle lost his job not long ago but now that I have a second chance I will do my best,” he said.

The two are among eight beneficiaries of the reactivated education support scheme set up by the Offinso Traditional Council.

Chairman of the Scholarship Board, Mpehihene Nana Osei Sarpong says the measures are in place to ensure the scholarship scheme is sustained.

“We have invested the scholarship fund in financial institution so we intend to use the accrued interest to support such students every year,” he said.

The Council will continue to monitor the performance of the students in the Senior High School.


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