Obrafuor’s ‘Nkontompo’; a nation in collective deceit

8893829823057_2158231210170Have you heard Obrafuor’s ‘Nkotompo’? If you haven’t, look for it. Play it. Listen. I have and I say it is more than just a song. It is a national counsel for a nation in collective deceit.

It is a trademark song from the lyricist, the man who has never shied away from tackling the most sensitive of national issues but treats them in the most professional way that does not get him easily tagged to the politics of our time.

And the politics of our time stinks. Do not ever be deluded into limiting politics to the failed promises of the ruling government or the highfalutin dreams of the opposition parties.

It is also the corners you cut in public service, the zeros you add to figures just so you get what you do not deserve even at the expense of the lives of the underprivileged; it is the stories you cover up or the needless ones you highlight as a journalist or an editor when your palm has been heavily greased by the persons raping the nation’s resources with rampant arrogance; It is also the massaging of the penis of a full grown man by another on a pulpit in the name of God and in the full glare of the congregation; It is the absolute waste of time and national resources on a ‘shut up’ comment against Members of Parliament when the whole country has been shut down by a nagging energy crisis; It is also about you who look on, playing the neutral when the country’s resources are being plundered and diverted into private pockets. The children suffering on the streets; those who have been denied education will not appreciate your neutrality.

So if Obrafour, in his flawless rhythmic, well arranged and ear-pleasing rap song, ‘Nkontompo’, says he is sad for our dear country, one cannot but agree with him.

Our country has been sullied with greed, lies, deceit, selfishness, broken promises right from the corridors of power to the pious edifices of the country’s many churches.

As a nation the views we hold and the actions we take have been influenced not by our conscience. No. We no longer have one. We tell the big lies when the dollar is high to get a higher reward.

And take the most cruel of actions when the cedi is low just so we keep our jobs and retain an ephemeral favour from the powers that be.

Otherwise how can a Mayor keep his post when he failed to desilt major drains in the city before the rains and when the City floods and dozens die he turns his anger on slum dwellers and blames them for causing the deaths. Dishonesty. That is what it is.

And how can a Power Minister on his appointment give a six-month ultimatum to VRA officials to fix the power crisis or he will stop them from using generators only for him to procure a gen set himself a year later when the power situation has gone from bad to worse! Hypocrisy.. That is what it is.

There is nothing like truth anymore. Nothing like principles anymore. Just like how Esau sold his birthright for a calabash of Hausa koko, or like how some MPs in Ghana would sell their mothers for a seat in Parliament, individuals in our dear country have sold their values, dignities and pride for money, fame and the fleeting pleasures of life.

Our doomed society has not only become so blunted to the wrongs of society; it, in fact, now rewards the evil doers, the corrupt and lavish them with all the accolades.

And what do we do with the few honest ones? Ask Martin Amidu he will tell you how he was driven out of the Castle for standing for what was right; what was just. Many, like him, live on honesty, modesty and may just live above the poverty line because he was honest.

Is it a country with a lost destiny? I am not the one asking… Obrafuor is.

Known for the timeless ‘Ntitiepa’ song which highlighted the ills within the society, Obrafuor adds an impressive biblical twist to ‘Nkontompo’ for massive effect.

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! he quoted Isaiah 5:20.

Where do you stand in this quote? Don’t close one of your eyes like Obrafuor has done on his ‘album’ cover. Open them and play the ‘Nkotompo’ song; sing along, nod, tap your feet, dance if you can, but in all these ask yourself where you stand in this ‘Nkontompo’ song.

source: myjoyonline.com