NPP to witness another shocking death

bempaFounder and Leader of Glorious Word and Power Ministries, Rev Owusu Bempah has warned that the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) will lose another pillar if members do not pray.

“I am not a prophet of doom but if the NPP sits unconcerned, they will witness another death which is far greater than the death of Jake Obetsebi-Lamptey. This is what God revealed to me last year December 31, 2015 . They can choose not pray and watch out,” he is quoted by to have said on Okay FM’s morning show.

His comments come a day after the death of the party’s former National Chairman, Jake Obetsebi-Lamptey.

Jake Obetsebi Lamptey died on Sunday, March 20, 2016

Former General Secretary of NPP, Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie in an interview with Adom TV revealed that Jake died from cancer of the blood.

According to Sir John, as he is popularly known, the deceased had made arrangements to come back to Ghana during the Christmas festivities last December.

He further indicated that Jake had to cancel his plans to come to Ghana because he [Jake] fell ill and was admitted at the hospital.

He added that Jake died in his sleep while on admission at the hospital

Rev Owusu Bempah during last year’s 31st December Watch Night Service mentioned that he has had a revelation concerning the calamities which will befall the nation and that included the death of prominent personalities including politicians, chiefs and radio presenters. He however added that they could be averted through fervent prayers.

Below were his thirty-five prophesies:

1. If Ghanaians don’t take care, the period of election might change. A coup d’etat will occur so we should pray against it if not so, we will cry.

2. The election keys are in the hands of Nana Akufo Addo but if he is not careful, he will go into the grave with the keys. People are planning to kill him and those are very very close to him but if he is alive until the election time, no body can stop him from becoming a president.

3. If we don’t pray for John Mahama, he might kick the bucket this year.

4. Fire out breaks and serious rainfalls will still destroy stuffs this year.

5. Ashanti’s are going to dress in funeral clothes.

6. Take care of your children because some people are in need of blood of virgins. Some people need the blood to do something….. (For power).

7. Rituals performance for experiencing of rainfalls to take more lives because they need blood for power.

8. A lot of death in parliament….. (Prominent people).

9. During campaign, convoys shall encounter accidents which will take away lives….. (Blood is needed).

10. Another plane crash.

11. American flag is in the hand of a woman but a man is very strong and powerful and that man is taking it away from the hand of the woman. The power is for Clinton’s wife but if she don’t take care, she will loose it to the man.

12. Earth quake will also hit Ghana this year.

13. Strange things which are going to cause a lot of death this year….. (Strange sicknesses and diseases).

14. Christians must pray for one big man of God who is a Bishop otherwise we will lose him this year.

15. Muslims are going to lose one of their imams.

16. Plane crash against the black stars players and accidents.

17. If NPP is not careful, they are going to have two great funerals.

18. This year is a year of marriage and also divorces.

19. There are breakthrough this year.

20. This year will also be blessings for women who wants to conceive / need children.

21. A destruction is going to encounter Japan.

22. Britain also in funeral clothes.

23. Attacks against America.

24. Fire out breaks….. People’s homes, shops and market places.

25. A high profile judge is going to die if we don’t pray.

26. A prominent police man is going to die and there are going to be accidents on police cars.

27. Media….. A radio station is going to lose the life of one big man.

28. We have confusion in the election.

29. If Christians and Muslims don’t take care, there will be a friction between us.

30. A radio presenter is going to say something on radio which is really going to cause confusion therefore presenters should be very careful.

31. A high profile lawyer too will pass on.

32. Deaths of radio presenters.

33. A public figure in Nigeria will pass on.

34. Another popular man of God who is well known in the world will pass on also. (Plane crash hanging on his head).

35. Britain will experience same thing that happened in France not long ago. (The attack in France).

Please remember that all am saying can be avert by prayers but if you challenge it and don’t pray, it will all happen.


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