NPP tackles Buah on energy claims

Kofi Buah Energy Minister

The New Patriotic Party says it takes “serious exception to the assertion by the current Minister of Energy that the party, when in government, did not add even a megawatt to the electricity generation capacity of the country.”

In a statement issued by the party’s communication Directorate, the NPP said Emmanuel Kofi Buah’s claims are contrary to the evidence on the ground.

The party described Ministers comment as “misinformation”.

It listed the following plants and power stations as the Kufuor administration’s contribution to the energy sector before leaving office two terms:

1. VRA Plant- Tema (Founded by government)- 110 megawatts

2. Mines Reserve Plant (Founded by Mining Companies with Government support)- 18megawatts.

3. The VRA ATHOL Plant- Tema- 50megawatts

4. Emergency Plant- Tema (Founded by government)- 120 megawatts

5. Asogli Plant, Tema (Founded by Private investor with government support)- 200 megawatts

6. Bui Hydroelectric – 400 megawatts

7. Aboadze Thermal Plant (T3), Takoradi (NPP secured funding)- 136 megawatts

8. Osorno (CENIT) Thermal Plant, Tema- 120 megawatts

9. Kpone/Zachem Thermal Plant- 220 megawatts

10. Akosombo Retrofit increase Akosombo’s capacity from 920MW to 1020MW

11. The NPP also by strenuous efforts superintended the discovery of oil in commercial quantities, which made possible the availability and production of Gas.

“All these were bequeathed to the NDC in 2009. The NDC assumed office when there was no load shedding in January 2009,” the statement said.

It said: “Three (3) and half years into the tenure of the NDC, the nation was plunged into load shedding. This load shedding has persisted up to today with varying intensity.”

The party added: “It has taken the NDC five (5) years and we still have not seen the completion of the gas project, despite several proposed completion dates from the Minister and his associates.”

“Instead of apologising for the hardship they have brought unto Ghanaians and businesses, the Minister of Energy is rather shifting blame and engaging in bragging.

“It is a reflection of the Minister’s ability that the electricity generation has been taken away from his portfolio. We urge him to work harder in his remaining portfolio and do less propaganda.”

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