NPP strengthens case against Voters’ Register with further evidence

2331576873444_8690827075598The New Patriotic Party has produced what it calls fresh evidence that solidifies its call for a new voters’ register.

The party last week submitted to the Electoral Commission additional evidence to back its claim that the current register is flawed.

The General Secretary who worked closely with the Party’s IT team have unraveled the existence of thousands of separate cases of double and multiple registrations, by various persons across the country, in the current register, making relevant the need for a new voter register to replace the current register.

In all, the Party submitted to the Electoral Commission samples of 2,096 separate cases of double and multiple registrations from all the 10 Regions of Ghana.

These separate cases can be grouped under three main forms – the first involves the cases of double and multiple registrations with multiple photographs; the second involves double and multiple registrations with multiple voter’s ID numbers and the third involves same registration details and photographs in different Polling Stations.

The pile of additional evidence was presented to the Electoral Commission accompanied by a cover letter signed by the General Secretary of the NPP, Kwabena Agyei Agyepong detailing the extent of inaccuracies within the current Register aside the evidence of foreign voters and scanned pictures in the register which the Party has already made a comprehensive presentation to the Electoral Commission on.

The latest evidence presented to the Commission calls into question the whole credibility of biometric register and whether the EC actually carried out de-duplication of the register as it should have done and claims to have done since de-duplicating a biometric register will automatically eliminate all such double and multiple registrations no matter the form in which they come.

The General Secretary suggested that if indeed the EC conducted a de-duplication process on the Register, then this revelation by the party is a further indication of how the whole database of the Electoral Commission and its IT set up have been compromised to allow for such multiple entries as they appear on the Register, similar to the case on the scanned pictures in the Register”.

It will be recalled that on Tuesday, August 18, 2015, the Party submitted to the EC and the Ghanaian public unchallenged evidence of the existence of over 76,000 Togolese nationals on the Ghanaian register after a review of less than 10% of the Registers of the two countries. Perhaps more damning was the evidence of the existence of various scanned pictures in the current Register, an issue the EC has not been able to respond to as yet.


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