NPP regional executives begin possible impeachment of Afoko and Agyepong

Regional executives of the New Patriotic Party are said to be holding meetings across the country to consider a possible impeachment of the Chairman Paul Afoko and General Secretary Kwabena Agyepong.

Joy News has learnt the meetings have provoked mixed reactions across the country as some regional executives are resisting the attempt to impeach the two.

The two have come up for severe criticism following controversies and bad press the party has received in recent times.

Last week the Upper East Chairman of the party Adams Mahama died after an acid attack on him by two suspects one of whom is alleged to be the brother of Paul Afoko.

The victim died the following day and has since been buried in line with Islamic traditions.

Shortly after the attack and death of Adams Mahama, calls for Afoko and Agyepong’s resignations have been deafening.

Even though Afoko and Agyepong have not yet been directly linked to the attack, critics point to an earlier altercation between the two and the deceased person a week before the attack.

Some mourners who trooped to the home of the late chairman during the burial ceremony brandished placards demanding the resignation of the two embattled party executives.

The two were conspicuously missing at the burial of the late chairman.

The fate of the two executives is now hanging by the thread.  According to reports there are scheduled regional executive meetings ostensibly to begin a process of impeachment against Afoko and Agyepong.

In the Ashanti Region, Luv FM’s Erastus Asare Donkor said the meeting has been convened.

Key on the agenda is  possible vote to impeach the two executives but Asare Donkor said there have been angry reactions from within the meeting.

When the chairman asked for a possible vote of impeachment, some members stormed out with others saying they are not the ones to determine whether the two should resign.

The meeting has ended inconclusively.

In the Eastern Region region, Joy News’ Edwin Siaw confirmed the meeting has started with the same agenda but with mixed reactions.

Some have called for the party to hasten slowly in the bid to have Afoko impeached. They argue that because Afoko is from the North any attempt to impeach the two will not augur well for the party with the fear that the governing party will play the ethnic card and use it against the party.

In the Greater Accra Region the story is no different. Constituency Executives have refused to sign a document that will effectively impeach the party chairman and his executives.

Meanwhile the two embattled executives have not been available for comment.