NPP, NDC In Battle Over Projects In WR


THE ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the main opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) are currently engaged in a battle over projects in the Western Region.

The two parties are accusing each other of dishonesty, deception and propaganda in terms of ownership of projects executed in the region.

During the recent visit by President John Mahama to the region, the matter got out of hand, pushing both sides to talk and defend projects/programmes executed by their various parties.

Last week, the NPP issued a statement and listed a number of programmes and projects the party executed but which, it claimed, the NDC continues to take credit for. These include road infrastructure in the mining areas of the region, coastal projects, and other social interventions.

The NDC, however, on Monday provided a counterclaim in a statement issued by its communication team in the region, stating, among other things, that “the NPP is totally confused and virtually at its wits end since it appears to have no clear campaign message”.

The statement further said, “Much as we agree that the NPP showed commitment to the fishing industry by creating a separate ministry for the fishing sector so that their challenges could be dealt with appropriately, do they want to share glory with President Mahama for commissioning cold storage facilities along the coast of the Western Region, specifically at Shama, New Takoradi and Half Assini?”

The statement also asked the NPP to stop day-dreaming because the people have seen the good work of President Mahama and are ready to give him another four-year term come November 7


Source: The finder

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