NPP must offer responsible opposition but not to… – Omane Boamah

Communications Minister Edward Omane Boamah says the New Patriotic Party (NPP) must offer responsible opposition and help President John Mahama to develop the country so it will inherit a better country if it wins power.

Speaking at a Peoples Forum held in the Volta region, the minister said a leading member of the opposition had spoken about the NPP’s role in fueling labour agitations.

He did not mention names, Joy News’ Volta regional correspondent, Hubert Yevu-Agbi reported.

The country has seen unprecedented labour agitations in recent times.

The most recent is a strike called by 12 labour unions who are livid over government’s decision to appoint a trustee, Pension Alliance Trust, to supervise their Tier Two pension contribution.

In a nearly 2-weeks stand-off, the public workers declared strike and only resumed after government obtained a court order compelling them to return to work.

The workers insist that they have the power to appoint a trustee(s) to oversee the management of their Tier Two pension funds and that government acted arbitrarily.

But quoting the law, government says as the employer, it has the mandate to appoint the trustee(s). The Attorney-General is seeking a declaration in court to confirm its action.

Both parties, government and labour, believe the pensions law is on their side.

Speaking to the incessant agitations, the Communications Minister said if it is true that the NPP is influencing the agitations, then it is for Ghanaians to determine whether the party should not rather be helping the president to develop the country.

“If you are a party in political opposition, the way to win power is not to act in a manner (and) in a way that will adversely affect the peace and stability of the very country that you want to govern,” the medical doctor said.

He questioned the contribution of the opposition in supporting government’s “good works”.

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