NPP HQ dawn raid: CONTRADICTIONS found in accounts of POLICE, arrested NPP supporters

Joy News has spotted contradictions on the charge sheet presented by the police prosecuting 11 NPP members who were arrested after raiding their party Headquarters at dawn, Monday.

While the police say they arrested the NPP supporters in red T-Shirts, the leader of the arrested party say they were in military uniforms at the time of the arrest last Monday dawn.

They were granted bail by a Circuit Court in Accra. The suspects, which included one woman, were charged with unlawful entry, unlawful purpose on private premises and causing unlawful damage to the tune of 28,000 cedis.

They have all pleaded not guilty to the charges.

The contradictory positions suggest that the leader of the arrested NPP supporters Bismark Osei Danso may be covering up for the real actors behind the dawn raid.

As a former Assembly member for Odorkor Otitan and a member of the NPP, he said he had every right to go to the party headquarters and demand answers.

He however decided to organise some few like-minded supporters to assist him to go to the HQ.

Danso stated that they went to the party headquarters early, around 3:30 am to wait for national officers but they realised the invincible forces were armed so they decided to disarm them.

The NPP’s position however is that the military men armed and in military vehicles stormed the headquarters at dawn and allowed a second group of NPP supporters to raid the office.

In effect, the party is pointing at government security forces as the mastermind behind the ransacking of  the opposition political party’s headquarters. The party has described the incident as an attack on Ghana’s democracy.

It is suspected that the arrested ringleader who has also identified himself as an ex-serviceman may be implying that he wore the military attire to gain access and later allowed the NPP supporters to raid the place.

This account rules out the NPP theory that government was behind the attack.

The case has been adjourned to 8 December 2015.

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